About me

Controllex Automation System – Jacek Budzisz

My name is Jacek Budzisz. I am also full of passion engineer.  I always knew that will become engineer.  I graduated Warsaw University of Technology both on Environmental Engineering Faculty and Electrical Engineering.  What I love to do is going through process from design, assembly, plc development , commission and service. Nothing cheers me more than what I designed or I supervised is working very well.

For many years I was working in many companies all over the world. I was performing many roles. I was software developer, designer , project manager.  I took a part in building many factories, hospitals and upgrading crew ships mostly in west cost of US.

I specialize in automation for  big and difficult HVAC/R system for industrial plants.

I eventually end up running company in my home town where I share my knowledge with my customers and employees.

My mission

Technology changed the world dramatically in last 200 years. I think that technology also will save us. Through education and super-efficient solution we can still grow as human kind. I believe that my mission is both education and practical implementation.

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