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Good design is foundation of any engineering success. To make good project it is necessary to gather all technical data and customer request. Form one point of view end up work in electrical diagram but for the other hand you have to keep in mind how plant should operate. I many companies design are done by unexperienced engineers.  Most of this work has low quality. This create many problems later on.

Our philosophy is totally opposite. Design is the most important part. This require the most experience. Organizing assembly once you have good project is easy. Software can be changed and upgrade any time.  However mistakes done in design usually are very expensive to fix. To summarize we focus on good project first.

We provide assembly of control cabinets and installation on site.  Every control cabinet before it will leave workshop we test to make faster commissioning.

We prepare automation software for PLC. We have solutions both typical for building and typical for industry. In building installation we use Carel, Honeywell and Schneider Electric.  In industrial application we prefer Beckhoff, ABB and other top manufactures on demand.  We don’t use solutions that  are provided by unknown manufactures with small track record. Our company and our customers can’t afford for such experiments.

For big systems we use Niagara framework. The reason why we use this system is that it has about 80% of the market in US. About half million of building has been done using this system. This is the best system in the world right now. This what market is telling us.

Small system we visualize using HMI. We prefer HMI from Beijer Electronics , Carel or ABB.  This vary depending of PLC.

Sometimes you need to integrate business software with automation system. Sometimes are no standard task that typical automation software can’t do this. In that case we can offer special solutions with our written on demand software.

We offer warranty and post warranty service. We pick up phones and respond to e-mails when there are problems to solve and not only when we want sell something.  We very often correct bugs for third party companies. CAREL - www.carel.com B&R - www.br-automation.com ABB - abb.com HONEYWELL - www.honeywell.com EATON - www.eaton.com RITTAL - www.rittal.com SIEMENS - www.siemens.com
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